Hip-Hop Cartoon Character MC Prince Barry D Figure

MC Prince Barry D is another creation from Starlight Studios internationally known Graff Artist Tramp. The character is the lead in an upcoming hip-hop cartoon titled the Sure Shot. Tramp is well known for his TV series Station Zero that appeared on MTV and his long time running comic series "A View from Da Unda Ground" Tramp is a graff and hip-hop pioneer with ties to most hip-hop artists that rose in '92-2010. He has partnered with Ishmael Ford-Bey to executive produce the hottest hiphop based cartoon that has it the airwaves in years. View some of Starlight's release parties here: vimeo.com/user5017278

The show takes place in current day and is a comedy based cartoon about the dynamic changes hip hop has gone thru from nYC to LA to downsouth to the new hipster age of the music the show pokes fun at some stereotypes while coming from a place of lov for the culture, for the people and for the music with guest starring roles from many top selling fold platinum and even underground artist this show is "Certified Dope."

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