M-130 China Clipper PAA

"The Martin M-130 is an influential plane designed and built by the Genn L. Martin Company. The Martin M-130 is an all-metal flying boat having streamlined aerodynamics and powerful engines to achieve Pan Am's specifications for range and payload. The M-130's maiden flight was on December 30, 1934. On November 22, 1935, the China Clipper piloted by Captain Edwin C. Musick and First Officer R.O.D. Sullivan flew the first Trans-Pacific airmail route. The M-130 has a crew of 6-9 for a Captain, First Officer, Junior Flight Officer, Engineering Officer, Assistant Engineering Officer, Radio Operator, Navigation Officer and cabin stewards. It incorporates four Pratt & Whitney R-1830-S2A5G Twin Wasp 14-cylinder radial engines. The M-130 has a maximum speed of 180 mph and a range of 3,200 miles. There was a wreck with the China Clipper NC14716 at Port of Spain, Trinidad at the time of its landing on January 8, 1945. "

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