Motu Masters Of The Universe Saurod 2015 Mattel

Get ready for the scales to fly… it's lizard v. snake in a battle for power. Saurod™ likes to shoot first and ask questions never, and his desire to dominate has him gunning for Gwildor™ in pursuit of the cosmic key. Based on the '80s vintage toy, this raging reptile comes with his laser gun.

Saurod™ Bio

Real Name: C'Ngrel Chouluth

A Klybian Lizard Man from planet Draphos, Saurod the Terrible broke out of Prison Starr and rode a meteor shower across the solar system to Eternia. As one of three reptilian races whose DNA was spliced to create the Snake Men, Saurod is a natural enemy of King Hssss and eagerly joined with his enemies. He was recruited by Skeletor in an attempt to boost his forces against his former master Hordak. Saurod fought for Skeletor during the Second Ultimate Battleground, slaying many snake warriors including Sssqueeze and Snake Face in hand-to-hand combat. Using his laser, Saurod has also tried to steal the Ccosmic Key from Gwildor to go back in time and prevent the dilution of his species.

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