MOTU Skeletor Havoc Staff Life-Size Replica 907183

The Havoc Staff, a forbidding and ancient artifact imbued with a wide array of mystical abilities. Wielded by Skeletor, the staff is responsible for much of his evil power.

This replica realizes Skeletor’s signature accessory as a real-world item. In doing so, Factory Entertainment’s artisans have ‘unearthed’ a stunning artifact that bridges the realms of fantasy and reality. Topped with a fearsome ram’s skull, this staff measures an impressive 81” (206cm) long and features a heavyweight all-metal construction.

The Havoc Staff is the first in a line of exciting Masters of The Universe replicas from Factory Entertainment.

List Price: $549.99
Available: 4th Quarter, 2021
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SKU: MOTU Skeletor Havoc Staff Life-Size Replica 907183-119977
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