Orpheus Steampunk Music Box 3D Puzzle Robotime 906245

Sideshow and Robotime are proud to present the Orpheus Steampunk Music Box 3D Puzzle.

Orpheus is a robot-shape music box in a mechanical steampunk style. Its heart can shine after switched on. Natural wood texture and vivid details make it a unique gift and delightful hobby for all ages.

AM-series music boxes are inspired by 19th-century science fantasy. This robotic craft toy reveals the possibilities of what a steampunk world could be. Build the vivid details and see how the unique creation comes into life.

After wind up, the sci-fi style music box will play “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” for you. High quality music movement ensures you a clear sound effect.

High-tech laser cutting minimizes the cutting burr, smooth edges and accurate parts make it easier to assemble.

The unique look makes Orpheus a perfect decoration to your room or office.

List Price: $35.99
Available: 3rd Quarter, 2022
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