POTC DAH-017 Dynamic 8-Ction Heroes Jack Sparrow Figure


From Beast Kingdom. The zaniest pirate to sail the seven seas is ready to take over a desk near you! The Pirates of The Caribbean series has wowed the world with its crazy sea faring escapades with captain Jack Sparrow at the helm since the first movie! Beast Kingdom's D.A.H (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) series incorporates a real to life design at a 1/9 scale! With highly articulated joints, the figures are perfect to recreate movie magic. Including 28 joints, real cloth clothing, and a focus on details, this action figure is ready to take on any challenge brought forward by the dastardly pirates! The figure set includes a number of exciting accessories: a pistol, long sword, dagger, telescope, a bottle with the infamous Black Pearl inside, and the famous compass for Jack to find his very own treasure! So make sure you take home Captain Jack Sparrow and have your very own sea adventures today!

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