Power Rangers Ultimates Putty Patroller Figure Super 7

From Super7. Tommy Oliver first debuted as the evil sixth Ranger, controlled by Rita Repulsa, defeating the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and it took the combined power of all five Power Rangers to break Rita Repulsa's spell so he could could join the other Rangers in their fight against Rita Repulsa as the Green Ranger. The Yellow Ranger never shies away from her fears, especially when a fellow Ranger is in trouble, or when Mr. Ticklesneezer magically comes alive! Piloted by the Red Ranger, the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord erupts from the earth to fight the evil forces of Rita Repulsa and is capable of taking on Rita Repulsa's Evil Space Aliens one-on-one! Created from Finster's Monster-Matic, the Putty Patrol is Rita Repulsa's endless evil horde. The most powerful of the Evil Space Aliens, Goldar is a general in Rita Repulsa's endless Putty Patrol Army, sporting battle armor and giant wings while wielding an impressive sword capable of bringing any opponent to their knees. The 7" scale fully articulated Power Rangers ULTIMATES! figures come with interchangeable heads and hands, soft goods clothing, and additional accessories that allow you to display them as seen in some of your favorite MMPR episodes.


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