Pulp Fiction Winston "The Wolf" 13 inch Talking Figure

Pulp Fiction Winston "The Wolf"  13 inch Talking Figure

1. Winston: I’m Winston Wolf. I solve problems. (TRY ME)
2. Winston: Let’s get down to brass tacks, gentleman. If I was informed correctly, the clock is ticking, is that right, Jimmie? (TRY ME)
3. Winston: That gives us forty minutes to get the f*** out of Dodge. Which, if you do what I say when I say it, should be plenty. Now, you’ve got a corpse in a car, minus a head, in a garage. Take me to it.
4. Winston: Jimmie, do me a favor will you. I thought I smelt some coffee back there, would you make me a cup?
5. Winston: Now Jimmie, this looks to be a pretty domesticated house, that would lead me to believe that in the garage or under the sink you got a bunch of cleaners and cleansers, s*** like that?
6. Winston: I need you two fellas to do is to take those cleaning products and clean the inside of the car. I’m talking fast, fast, fast. You need to go in the back seat, scoop up all those little pieces of brain and skull. Get it out of there. (TRY ME)
7. Winston: Wipe down the upholstery. Now when it comes to upholstery, it don’t need to be spic and span, you don’t need to eat off it. Just give it a good once over.
8. Winston: Now Jimmie, we need to raid your linen closet. I need blankets, I need comforters, I need quilts, I need bed spreads. Thicker the better, darker the better. No whites, can’t use them.
9. Winston: Get it straight buster – I’m not here to say please, I’m here to tell you what to do and if self-preservation is an instinct you posses you’d better f***ing do it and do it quick. I’m here to help – if my help’s not appreciated lotsa luck, gentleman.
10. Winston: If I’m curt with you it’s because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk fast and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this. So, pretty please… with sugar on top. Clean the f***ing car.
11. Winston: Now I drive real f***ing fast, so keep up. If I get my car back any different than I gave it, Monster Joe’s gonna be disposing of two bodies.

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Pulp Fiction Winston "The Wolf"  13 inch Talking Figure
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