Rathalos The Fiery Bundle Diorama Kinetiquettes 907145

Sideshow and Kinetiquettes present the Rathalos: The Fiery Bundle Diorama.

A Hunter is a person that makes a living by hunting monsters and doing requests for civilians. They have a wide amount of knowledge and a higher exercise capacity compared to normal people, so this is a field of work that not too many can take part in. Palicoes are Felynes that have created a pact with Hunters to support them in battle. During quests, they'll assist you in many ways, like attacking monsters or gathering materials. Each hunter has their own individual Palico.

This diorama depicts the flagship monster Rathalos from the Monster Hunter game in battle against the Hunters and their Palico. Each of the hunters will come with their own individual base and all bases are separable, including the Palico. The diorama features light-up LED features with clear translucent resin for the fire effects.

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Available: June
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