Robin New 52 Damian Wayne 1/10 Scale ArtFX+ Statue Kotobukiya

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! The latest DC Comics ARTFX+ Statue from Kotobukiy a returns to the pages of the New 52 with a controversial yet popula r anti-hero and the youngest in a long line of Batman’s sidekicks, ROBIN (DAMIAN WAYNE) ! First named in comics in 2006, Damian put on the mask in 2009 to clean up Gotham City with his uniqu e and brutal style of crime-fighting. The young Wayne was trained by the League of Assassins withou t morality or civility, but came to learn and becom e a more well-rounded human being under the tutelage of then-Batman Dick Grayson. In DC Comics’ New 52 stories Damian adventured as Robin to his father ’s Batman until the youngster’s untimely death... although his status is likely to change in the curr ent “Robin Rises” storyline!

While this may be Damian Wayne’s first statue appea rance by Kotobukiya, it’s a perfect representation of the character with every ounce of Robin’s cockiness and brutality poured into his vicious, knuckle- cracking pose! The teenage martial artist stands w ith his feet spread wide, balanced and ready to lea p into the fray. He wears his unique take on the tra ditional Robin costume with tight black pants, gree n gloves and boots with red laces, a textured red shi rt, and bright yellow cape. Every detail from the comics is replicated here including his yellow util ity belt, black and gold “R” symbol on his left bre ast, the blades on his gauntlets, his hood pushed back over his cape, and more. Meanwhile, the expression on Damian’s face is outstanding, conveying his disdain for those around him with a haughty sneer that’s barely covered by his green mask!

Sculpted by Atelier Bamboo, Damian Wayne Robin stan ds just under 6 ½ inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10 th scale) and like all ARTFX+ statues he has magnets in his feet for extra stability on his included display base. Whether you’re a fan of the hardcore Robin or a collector of everything related to Batm an, Damian is going to hold a prize spot in your collec tion and he looks fantastic alongside the previousl y released Batman and Nightwing ARTFX+ statues.

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