Star Trek Enterprise Bridge Full Size Wall Mural

Star trek enterprise bridge full size wall mural description:gigantic! Mind blowing!
Transform your room into the bridge of the enterprise!
Easy to apply and remove.
You'll dazzle your friends with this!
Welcome to the bridge of the uss enterprise. This enormous wall mural of the star trek enterprise nerve center measures about 9-feet tall x 15-feet wide… and it will blow your mind! Your roommates xl mural goes up in minutes-- certainly faster than painting the same surface-- and removes easily, too. No tools needed. So, don't wait. Now's the time to transform your room into the bridge of the enterprise… and dazzle your friends!
Instead of using normal peel-and-stick technology, roommates xl murals are printed on a revolutionary pre-pasted, water-activated material called surestrip. This makes it much easier to install such large wall graphics. Just dip the strip into a bit of lukewarm water, wait a minute, apply to the wall, and then smooth with a soft brush. Repeat the process with the next sequentially numbered strip. To remove, simply pick two corners and start pulling off the wall. Each strip will come off in seconds, in full strips!

Please note this item is not reusable.

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