The Walking Dead Negan "Merciless" 10-Inch Action Figure McFarlane

Negan "Merciless" Edition (The Walking Dead TV Series) 10 Inch Deluxe Figure McFarlane
Leader of the group known as The Saviors, Negan is one of the most merciless enemies to ever wield a bat on The Walking Dead®.
With no remorse, Negan executes those who get in his way with his weapon of choice, Lucille. With the barrel end wrapped in barbed wire, Lucille is the iconic baseball bat that Negan wields to not only intimidate others, but eliminate them as well.

• Spectacular likeness of actor Jeffery Dean Morgan, taken from full image scans of the actor himself
• Merciless Edition features blood splatter paint effects
• Figure features a NEW clean-shaven head sculpt and NEW arms holding to point the Lucille Bat
• Figure comes with scaled Lucille barbed-wire baseball bat
• Figure is showcased in deluxe box packaging

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