WWE Spinning Championship Adult Size Replica Belt (Version 1)

This is the most unique and highly detailed championship replica belt ever produced! This is the championship belt introduced by John Cena shortly after his Wrestlemania 21 title victory in Spring 2005. This championship belt is highly detailed, featuring over 3000 faux diamonds and a three dimensional spinning WWE logo center plate. The high quality plating is a two tone silver and gold process.

The Belt was molded directly from the original, measuring 4 feet 9 inches long and weighing approximately 7 1/2 pounds. The Strap is made of our new and improved simulated leather and fits up to a 46 inch waist. The belt comes with a cloth carrying bag with the WWE logo on it. The nameplate is removable, and comes with your choice of one. Nameplates can also be customized with your own name, if purchased separately.

This is Version 1 which has the MON NITE RAW plate

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