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1/6 Scale Action Figure Michael Jackson

1/6 Scale Action Figure Michael Jackson

Part Lists:

Head sculpt and Body Accessories:

★Head sculpt with highly-emulation hair

Every head sculpt is elaborately hand painted. The detailed facial expression, the clear wrinkles and skin texture are all perfectly presented.

★A bare body of approximately 31cm 1 set

★Hands: ×4.5 pair

★Base plate: ×1 set

★Sunglasses: ×1 pair

★Wireless headset: ×1 set

Costumes and accessories

★T-shirt: ×1 piece

★Gold jacket: ×1 piece

★Outwear: ×1 piece

★Trousers: ×1 pair

★Stockings: ×1 pair

★ Leather shoes: : ×1 pair

★Wrist band: : ×1 piece

★Metal waistband: ×1 piece

★Metal belt:×3 piece

★hat: x1 piece

★suit : x1 set

★shoe cover: x1 pair

Available: March
SKU: 1/6 Head sculpt and Accessories for 12 inch Figure Michael Jackson -86368
Product Warnings: 
Action Figure not included.
1/6 Scale Action Figure Michael Jackson
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