Carnotaurus Museum Collection Series Dam MUS009A

Dinosaurs are the most prominent species in the prehistoric world.

The Carnotaurus is a strong, ferocious and excellent predator. Among carnivorous dinosaurs, the shape and body structure of the Carnotaurus is very unique. This is not only because of the "horns" on its head. Compared to other large theropods, the Carnotaurus has a smaller head, a longer neck, longer leg bones, and a longer chest. The overall shape of its bone structure is very slender.

About the Carnotaurus

Name: Carnotaurus
Classification: Theropoda Abelisauridae
Period: Late Cretaceous period, between about 72 and 69.9 million years ago Distribution: Patagonia, Argentina, South America
Diet: Carnivorous
Size: Length 8m, Height 3.5m, Hip Height 3m
Expected weight: 2500kg

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