God of War 3 Series 01 - Hades by DC Direct

Measuring approximately 6.5” tall, God of War 3 Series 01: Hades features multiple points of articulation and character-specific accessories. The molten-skinned, troglodytic Hades is clad in loosely-wrapped chains and a crude horned helmet with a cage-like faceplate. Originally depicted in statue form, Hades imbued Kratos with the power of the Army of Hades; later versions equipped Hades with soul-ensnarling Clawed Chains. In God of War 3, Hades, resentful of Kratos’ facilitation in the deaths of Athena, Poseidon and Persephone, is given an adversarial depiction. Hades’ failed attempt to siphon Kratos’ soul precipitates a battle between the two deities. Hades is driven into the River Styx, in the course of which his helmet is dislodged to reveal a ghastly, damaged countenance. Kratos finally succeeds in acquiring Hades’ Chains, using them to siphon Hades’ soul. With Hades dethroned, myriad condemned souls are unleashed from the river of the damned against Hades. Having acquired the Claws of Hades, a weapon imbued with disembodied soul of Hades, Kratos is granted free access to the River Styx.

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