Gunn 4 Hire Tyrus 12 Inch Collectible Figure by Triad Toys

Since 1994, the United States leads the privatization of the military with over $300 billion in defense contracts. One of those private military organizations that prospered during the Gulf Wars were a small defense company called Gunn Industries. Today, Gunn Industries has become the biggest military weapons and equipment manufacturer in the world and houses the best private military contractors the world has come to known. But at Gunn Industries, there are secrets that are better left untold. . .

Tyrus Kilemahl: Elite Ballistics Support (EBS)
With the highest confirmed killing record of all time, Tyrus Kilemahl has become a celebrity among the armed forces of America. Facing numerous court martial charges for using excessive force as well as civil suits for violence, Tyrus is forced to quit the military despite his willingness to serve the country. Gunn Industries quickly seized the opportunity by creating a new fire support division to be led and trained by Tyrus. Dying for some action, Tyrus quickly joins the Elite Ballistics Support division to provide private support for hot zones when the military units are unable to go beyond their powers.

Tyrus: EBS 12 Inch Figure includes the following items:

- 1 Tyrus headsculpt on the Caucasian Omega Body. Tyrus has real hair and a detailed tattoo on the back of his head, real metal earrings, and a left-arm tribal tattoo
- 1 Chrome Blue Tactical Sunglasses
- 1 Black Sleeveless Shirt
- 1 Blue BDU Pants
- 1 Pair Tactical Knee Pads
- 1 Pair Tactical Boots
- 1 Pair Tactical Gloved Hands
- 1 Tactical Pants Belt
- 1 Pair Tactical Shoulder Armor with Flexi-Grip Pads
- 1 Tactical Elbow Armor with Flexi-Grip Pads
- 1 Tactical Knife and Arm Holster
- 1 G4H Custom Pistol with Side Leg Holster
- 1 Left Leg Drop Pouch with Functional Pockets and Buckle Straps
- 1 Modular Weapons Vest with Removable Pouches
- 1 Bluetooth Tactical Communications Headset
- 1 ATAC Modular Submachine Gun
- 1 Ballistics Face Mask

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