Halo 5 Play Arts Kai Master Chief Action Figure

From Square Enix. The Halo series takes place in a hypothetical future in which mankind has achieved light-speed travel, advancing into space. Master Chief is a legendary soldier hailed for his role in defending humanity in its darkest hours. The armor damage and weathering of his Mark VI Mjolnir powered suit brings to mind all the battles he has fought. Square Enix artists have put great care into making the beauty of the sculpt and paintwork shine, realistically recreating the Chief's heroic stature based on actual in-game design materials and achieving a heightened quality which the collector is bound to enjoy. Master Chief's MA5D Assault Rifle and M6H2 Magnum can not only be held by the figure, but also be holstered by attaching them to the armor. Also included with the figure is an interchangeable helmet with the cracked visor, to complete the immersion into the latest chapter of the Halo saga. Figure includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts

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