Harley Quinn 1/4 Scale Statue by DC Direct Used

Sculpted by Jonathan Matthews
Bud and Lou... and Harley, too!
Madly in love with her spotted darlings, Harley Quinn takes her babies out for a walk, chain-link leash in one hand, pop gun in the other. Out for a stroll, they're laughing all the way... to the bank!
Little Lou and Baby Bud each hold a piece of what Harley holds near and dear, but with a slice of fear: a stick of dynamite from her Puddin', The Joker, and a ripped and torn Bat logo from the costume of a certain Gotham City hero.
This classic rendition of the Queen of Crime is the latest addition to DC Direct's exclusive 1:4-scale museum quality statue series. Harley Quinn's costume is exquisitely tailored and detailed, while various mixed media elements give this museum quality statue texture and visual interest.
The HARLEY QUINN 1:4-SCALE MUSEUM QUALITY STATUE includes hand-painted resin parts, measures approximately 16.5" high x 10" wide x 14" deep.
Limited edition.

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Statue was on display in store behind glass but is in mint condition just like new.
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