Learjet 60

"The Learjet 60 is a business jet manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. The Learjet 60 is an improved version of the Learjet 55, having a longer fuselage and incorporates more powerful engines. Its maiden flight was on June 1991 and received FAA certification in January 1993. The modification that converted the Learjet Model 55 into a model 60 were the results of an aerodynamics improvement program and a need and for increased capacity of the Learjet product line and the modifications include an all new inboard wing cuff added to the inboard sections of the ""Longhorn"" wing and an all new wing-to-body fairing. By increasing the wing cord and the leading edge droop, the wing cuff improved the low speed handling during approach and landing while the wing-to-body fairing reduced the interference drag between the wing and the fuselage. Since the engines were new for this aircraft, a new engine pylon had to be designed. The cockpit's lines were not changed but the fuselage was lengthened. In addition, the blend between the fuselage and the empennage was all new. An all new E/B (Emergency/Baggage) door was added to the right-hand side of the fuselage just at the leading edge of the wing. The final aeroimprovement to the Model 60 was the creation of the distinctive ""Ogive"" winglet trailing edge. This lengthening of the cord near the interface of the winglet and the winglet greatly improved the interaction of the wing's pressure spike with the winglet's pressure spike. The result was a significant lowering of the drag in this area and a significant improvement of the wings efficiency. The Learjet Model 45 winglet blend design took into account the lessons learned from the model 60 and the ogive was not necessary. Finally, the ventral fin was replaced with the hallmark split ventral fins that Learjet called ""Delta Fins."""

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