Star Wars Modal Tech Mo'r & Doikk Na'ts 12" Figure Exclusive Sideshow

Star Wars Modal Tech Mo'r & Doikk Na'ts 12" Figure Exclusive Sideshow

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the final two members of Mos Eisley Cantina's house band, the Modal Nodes. The Tech Mo'r and Doikk Na'ts Sixth Scale Figure Set includes both Bith aliens and their detailed instruments.

The Tech Mo'r and Doikk Na'ts Bith Band - Modal Nodes Sixth Scale Figure features:
•Fully Articulated Prometheus Pro body
• Sculpted Bith alien necks and forearms
• Highly detailed & hand painted heads
• Fabric shirt and pants
•Two (2) pair standing boots
• Two (2) pairs of interchangeable hands for each figure
• Detailed Ommni box instrument (Includes Tech Mo'r's Seat)
• Detailed Fizz instrument
• Lower support extendable figure stand(s) with Star Wars logo
•Sideshow Exclusive: The Tech M'or and Doikk Na'ts Sixth Scale Figure Set is a Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive

House band of the Mos Eisley Cantina, the Modal Nodes includes a motley crew of Bith aliens, thus their nickname as the Bith Band. The band's front man is Figrin D'an, ringing in on the kloo horn. Backing him up on wind instruments are Doikk Na'ts on the Dorenian Beshniquel - or the Fizzz, for those in the know. Rounding out the band are Tech Mo'r on the Ommni Box, Nalan Cheel on the horn bell-bedecked bandfill, and Tedn D'hai on the Fanfar.

Before their days playing at the cantina, the Modal Nodes, like so many bands, had their ups and downs as Figrin D'an struggled to master his demons. The band accepted a contract to be the house musicians for Jabba the Hutt, but once they realized Jabba's reputation for executing "employees" who displeased him, they began to regret taking the job. Breaching their contract, Figrin D'an took a lucrative offer to play at a wedding, knowing that the job would give them enough money to escape from Jabba's Palace. On the night of the wedding, Figrin's penchant for gambling had him placing their payment on a game, much to the chagrin of his band mates. Luckily for them, Jabba had heard of their breach of contract and came after the band just as a troop of Stormtroopers raided the casino, creating a distracting fight that allowed the band to escape. Soon after the Modal Nodes reached safety, Figrin D'an lost control of his gambling again, this time wagering the band's instruments. He lost. At the band's insistence, Figrin played another hand in hopes of winning back their equipment and was finally successful. After the incident, Figrin cleaned up his act, and the band played throughout the galaxy before landing their regular gig in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

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Star Wars Modal Tech Mo'r & Doikk Na'ts 12" Figure Exclusive Sideshow
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