The Walking Dead TV Series 1 Zombie Biter Figure by McFarlane

Robert Kirkman's hit comic, The Walking Dead brought to life on screen and in action figure form!
Based off of fan-favorite characters in the AMC TV series!
Hungry and looking for anything living!
This gruesome Zombie Biter was an important part of fans' introduction to Daryl Dixon. Found feeding on a deer in the forest near the survivors' camp, the Zombie Biter was beheaded by the group -- but didn't stop until Daryl arrived and shot it in the brain with his signature crossbow. Featuring McFarlane Toy's attention to detail and like all of our The Walking Dead zombie figures, the 6 inch figure features unique playaction for even more fun. This one features a deer meat accessory and a spring-loaded moving jaw, so your Zombie Biter will actually bite!

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